Things You Need To Know- Tues 12/22/15

December 22nd is the 356th day of the year. There are 9 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 3 days left until Christmas

There are 89 days left until Spring Begins (Sun March 20)

Today is National Date Nut Bread Day and National Flashlight Day

The government is once again discouraging passengers from flying with fruitcakes. They say the holiday cakes are being banned on most commercial flights not because of their taste, but because they are thick and could hide a weapon. Officials also claim some X-ray machines have problems seeing through fruitcakes.

 Pest control companies expect this holiday season to be their busiest ever because of the bed bug problem that’s plaguing college campuses and major cities. They say homes will become infested over Christmas because of returning college students. Schools in the East, Southeast and Midwest are the most bug-infested.

A company called S****Express allows you to send horse manure and other animal waste anonymously for Christmas. The company delivers to those, who are disliked. S***Express only accepts Bitcoin payments making it nearly impossible to trace the sender. Deliveries cost $15 and can be gift wrapped.

Research from the Center for Advanced Public Safety reveals that Christmas week is the worst week of the year for car crashes. Dr. Allen Parrish says: “The more you can avoid that the more likely you are to avoid being in a crash. It’s really that simple. The hours between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. are the riskiest part of the riskiest week for accidents.”

A guy in Texas was playing his Xbox two weeks ago, when a woman drove through his living room wall with her CAR.  He ended up with a broken back, but says his GAMING chair saved his life, because it rolled when he got hit.